Electro Maze Wallcovering

  • £135.00


“Inspired by the graphical beauty of circuit boards. Simplicity of linear elements and a maze-like intricate composition bring classic modernity to this design.” – Eley Kishimoto

“Simple at a distance, this wallcovering reveals layers of fibrous ground, textured print and pearlescent mica, with a velvety flock adding a touch of glamour and luxe to this techno geometric pattern.” – Jordan Mould


  •  Kirkby Design & Eley Kishimoto Wallcoverings


  • Width: 52 cms (20.5 ")
  • Roll length: 10.05 Metres
  • Pattern Repeat - Vertical: 72 cms (28.3")

Sample Size

  • 31cm x 21cm

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